Tuition Assistance Restored for Marine Corps

With the signing into law of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014, Defense Department programs which had been running under the limit of sequestration have (mostly) been restored.

One of the biggest programs, tuition assistance, has had its funding raised from sequestration levels of $3.5 million per quarter to $12 million per quarter. The $3.5 million dried up during the first two weeks of the quarter - forcing many Marines to pay for college out of pocket.

The Marines requirements for receiving tuition assistance are:

  • Marines must have 24 months time-in-service before receiving TA
  • First-time TA receivers may only get assistance for one course, while they establish an academic record
  • If your overall GPA falls below 2.5, you withdraw from a course or receive a "D", you will be limited to one course the following semester
  • Funds approved for classes that are failed will still count toward the yearly limit of $4,500.

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