Arlington National Cemetery Releases App

At the Association of the United States Army convention in Washington DC, Arlington National Cemetery unveiled to the public a smartphone and web app allowing access to the extensive electronic records of those buried there.

The app allows anyone to search records based on personal information, and search results display full name, date of birth and death, as well as photographs of the front and back of the headstone. Also available for viewing through the app are monuments and memorials dedicated to specific military units, as well as a list of well-known service members that are buried in Arlington.

While already feature-rich the application is set to be upgraded in the future with such information as upcoming events,locations of shuttle stops, self-guided tour information, and restroom and water fountain location.

The app can be found at the following locations:
iTunes App Store
Google Android Play Store
Blackberry App World
From any web browser

The app is free for all platforms.

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Here we have the details of recently released Apps by Arlington National cemetery. It will help to access details from records by searching with personal information like name, place etc.


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This app is so unique and

This app is so unique and good. The database being maintained by them are cool. Now it's more easier to identify or find the lost people and also heir records by their dear one's. I have come to know about them through many blogs and now i am able to experience the app review here.